How does a scientist look like? Science class introduction

Are you looking for a fun and different activity to do at the beginning of your science classes?

resource includes 7 activities for the students to think and share what
is science, what is to do science and what is a scientist.


  • Draw how do you think a scientist looks like?
  • Observe the drawings of your classmates looking for similarities and differences.
  • Think about this similarities and differences sharing in a Jamboard.
  • Observe different images and tell if they could be a scientist or no.
  • What does each scientist do?
  • Draw a picture of yourself doing science.
  • Think: when you are doing science, are you a scientist?

resource was created for the whole group to work in the same file. It
is a good opportunity for the teacher to also work values while doing
the activity, like respecting each others job. But you can do a copy for
each one of the students.

The 5th activity: What does a scientist do? is also in PDF to print if you want to.

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How does a scientist look like? Science class introduction
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