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This interactive notebook is designed with the Launch, Explore, Discuss Model.
I provide a brief explanation at the beginning of the notebook to
familiarize you with this model, and I also detail the steps as we use

The notebook has a total of 54 worksheets to cover the following topics:

  • What is Matter
  • How Matter is Measured
  • States of Matter
  • Changes in States of Matter
  • Description of Matter: Qualitative – Quantitative
  • Physical and Chemical Properties and Changes
  • Mixtures and Solutions
  • Law of Conservation of Matter
  • Experiments
  • Review Questions

most of the topics, you don’t have just a single format, but different
options so you can choose according to your students’ needs.

In addition to the interactive notebook, you will find three other supporting files to work the topic:

  • Answers: in the same format as the interactive notebook for your personal use.
  • Teacher’s presentation:
    in Google Slides that you can use to pose questions to your students
    while working on the interactive notebook and also to present the
    answers if you want students to grade and review themselves.
  • Vocabulary flashcards:
    with the most relevant vocabulary for printing and posting on your word
    wall, making constant reference to them while working on the unit.

The following resources are included:

If you are looking for this resource in Spanish, here is the link:

Materia Cuaderno interactivo


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